Welcome to my site, so glad you're here.

Let me introduce myself, I'm a wife and dog mom living in Sacramento.

Food is my love language, I love to cook it, eat it and share it.

My philosophy is food is so much more than just nutrition, it's a time to gather around the table, to talk, and listen, to share events of the day or memories, to laugh and sometimes cry but most of all to connect as humans, friends, family and lovers.




Here is 10 things to know about me:

I'm married to best friend and partner in crime.

I'm happiest in my kitchen cooking and more than likely sipping something (usually bubbles)

I'm a cancer survivor and choose to live every day gratefully

My "Nest" is where I refuel and find peace in a world that is often times cra cra.

I'm a huge dog lover, I go to a party to meet the dog! Chances are if you follow my instagram you've seen pics af my 4 legged kiddos Lexi the Great Dane and Rocco the Schnauzer.

I'm super laid back, heck I'd never get out of yoga pants if life didn't require it once in awhile!

Popcorn is hands down my favorite snack food and sometimes a full meal.


Mt Shasta is my happy place


Candles make me happy

I'd rather be home with friends enjoying great food and sips than at a restaurant.

So there you go,

I hope you love the blog and the recipes. Follow me on Instagram to see all my daily life of cooking.



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