4 ingredient pork tacos

Tacos are one of my favorite things. I love them crispy or soft, authentic or more American style and I really love to play with the fillings sometimes using an Asian flair. You really can use most any leftover and build a taco!

These happen to be easy peasy! If you don't count the time in the slow cooker you can make a quick batch of homemade salsa and still have dinner on the table in 30 minutes.

These use an inexpensive pork sirloin roast, but you could easily substitute a beef roast, or boneless skinless chicken breasts or thighs. Four ingredients is all you need for your meat filling.

I love these crisped in a pan using spray olive oil. You get a nice crunch without the mess and the added calories of oil frying

Simply warm the tortillas in the microwave wrapped in a kitchen towel or paper towel for about 30 seconds so the are pliable. Fill one side of the tortilla with meat and I add my cheese here too. There's nothing better than the cheese that oozes out and turns into the perfect crunchy bite! Spray a non stick pan with a little oil spray lay the folded tacos in the pan and spray the tops. Cook over medium heat for about 3 minutes a side until browned and crisp.


4 Ingredient pork tacos

Makes enough for 10 tacos

Slow cooker time is 4hrs on high or 7 hours on low

Other prep time 30 minutes

1 3.5 lb pork sirloin roast or any other meat you choose

1 pkg Frontera taco skillet sauce

1 15 oz can black beans drained

2 tsp oregano (I usually use the McCormicks Basil Oregano Garlic and sea salt mix)

1/2 cup water

juice of one lime

Tortillas and Toppings of your choice.

Place all ingredients except the lime juice in a slow cooker and cook on high for 4 hours or low for 7. Shred all the meat and incorporate in the sauce add the lime juice, salt and pepper if you desire, and your ready to build your taco masterpieces!

As I said above I add my cheese prior to pan frying them. We like to top with avocado, red onion and some of the quick salsa.

BONUS - Quick Salsa

If you want a quick salsa for these try this quick one.

1 15 oz can of diced fire roasted tomatoes,

1 jalapeno seeded (unless you like a lot of spice)

1/2 of a large white onion

2-3 garlic cloves

juice of 1 lime.

Put everything in a blender or food processor and let it go until well blended. Taste, add salt and pepper.


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