Asian Pasta Salad

This is so simple and always a crowd favorite. My favorite thing about cooking is that its all about what you love, I've used spaghetti noodles in this and added peanut butter and chopped peanuts to it and its also delish! Cooking should be fun, if there's an ingredient you don't like don't use it, if you like spicy add more spice. I for one am a big spice girl, my recipes are geared for everyone, but I usually add a little extra siracha...cuz that's how I roll!

I doubt there is anyone on the planet that hasn't tried it, but if you haven't it's so great it's not just spicy it has a great flavor of garlic and a tad of sweet before the heat.

The fresh herbs in this just brighten up the whole dish, don't shy away and feel free to add more than the listed amounts. If your not a cilantro fan you could use flat leaf parsley or julienned spinach leaves.

Little secret here, I like to sprinkle a bit of seasoned rice wine vinegar on my pasta as its cooling. I find with both potatoes and pasta that are going to be used in salad form, a little acid on them really enhances the final product.

Asian Pasta Salad

1 lb cooked pasta of your choice

1/4 Cup seasoned rice wine vinegar

1 pkgTraderJoes stir fry vegetables

2 Carrots peeled and shredded

1 bunch of green onions chopped

1 red bell pepper julienned

3 TB chopped fresh mint leaves

1/4 Cup chopped fresh cilantro

2 TB chopped fresh dill

1 bottle Trader Joes Asian style spicy peanut vinaigrette

Cook and drain your pasta to the al dente stage, don't forget to season your pasta water with a healthy dose of salt so it tastes good when you drain it. This is the time to use my secret and sprinkle drained pasta with about a 1/4 cup seasoned rice wine vinegar. Let cool while you put the rest together.

In a large mixing bowl pour in 1 bag of the frozen stir fry vegies, no need to defrost they will get a little heat from the pasta and be perfect. Everything else up to the dressing can be added at this time. Pour half the bottle of dressing at this point and give a good mix, add your pasta and the rest of the dressing. I know it may feel like a lot of dressing but the pasta will soak it in.

I like to sprinkle a little toasted sesame seeds on the top and a sprig of's that easy!

This also gets better the next day.

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