Crispy pork cutlet with spinach and apple

Crispy is probably on of my favorite food descriptions!

This is a super easy meal, and you could change out the pork for almost any other protein. Chicken, filet, lamb even a firm flesh fish would be delish.

Panko is one of my favorite coatings if you're going to bread something, it's light and it crisps beautifully either by frying or oven baking.

I love a salad piled atop a crisp cutlet, there's something about the crisp of the meat and the freshness of the salad and the acid of the dressing. It just works!

This is a recipe to keep in your repertoire, its so versatile. You could change up the salad to match the direction you want to go, change the seasoning in the breading, change out the parmesan to another cheese.....Really its endless!

The spinach salad I use here is got an interesting blend of spinach, apple, white cheddar and fresh dill. The dressing is a little sweet and a little spicy by using jalapeno jam to make a vinaigrette.


Crispy pork cutlet with spinach and apple salad

serves 4-6

total time 40 minutes

8 thin cut boneless pork chops pounded out

1 cup panko

3/4 cup parmesan

1 Tb italian seasoning

2 eggs

1 bunch of spinach chopped

1/4 red onion thinly sliced

1 Fuji apple sliced into matchsticks (I leave the peel on)

1 cup grated sharp white cheddar cheese

1/4 fresh dill

1/3 cup olive oil

1 Tb white balsamic or champagne vinegar

3 TB jalapeno jelly

salt and pepper

Between two pieces of waxed paper, lay out your chops and pound them out.

If you got thin chops you won't need to pound much, if they're regular thickness you want them to be very thin.

You will need two dishes for breading your cutlets. In one add the panko, parmesan and seasoning, in the other add the two eggs a pinch of salt and pepper and scramble to mix.

Dip each chop first into the egg and then into the crumb mixture. Pan fry in olive oil over medium heat. These will cook very quickly 3 minutes a side is about right.

Be sure to give a good sprinkle of salt when you take the cutlets out of the pan.

Blend the olive oil, vinegar & jalapeno jelly in a blender until smooth, season with salt and pepper.

In a bowl large enough to mix add chopped spinach, onion, apple, cheddar and dill. Add dressing and toss to coat.

Top each cutlet with spinach salad and serve.


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