Grand Royale Champagne

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

I'm a bubbles girl, plain or dressed up like this little beauty.

Love them to celebrate a special occasion, or just that it's Tuesday and I want to feel special!

This is a really simple recipe, it's kind of a fancy version of a mimosa.

Instead of the orange flavor coming from orange juice, you use a little Grand Marnier and a few dash's of orange bitters so it doesn't get too sweet.

Be sure you scroll all the way down, I've collaborated with 9 other awesome foodies to bring you 10 holiday cocktails.

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This gets finished with a lovely rim of orange sugar. That sounds fancy but its really nothing more than some sugar and orange zest mixed together. Dampen the champagne flute and run the edge through the sugar mix.

These are simple enough for a weeknight movie and special enough for new years eve!

Grand Royale Champagne Cocktail

Makes 1

6 oz Sparkling Wine (Brut)

1 1/2 oz Grand Marnier

4-5 Dashes Orange Bitters

1/4 Sugar and 1 TB Orange zest mixed together

Moisten a champagne flute, and rim the edge with the sugar mixture.

Add the bitters and the Grand Marnier then top with champagne.


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