Honey Sriracha Chicken Sandwich

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

This sandwich combines some of my favorite things! Crunchy fried chicken, sweet and hot flavors, a pretzel bun and everything but the bagel seasoning.

Consider yourself warned, you'll need extra napkins!

I grew up on fried chicken Sunday nights. My mom and my aunt would alternate Sundays, but the menu was always the same...fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and fresh peas.

My love for fried chicken has never vanished, be it in a sandwich, a salad, a wrap or as a main course with all the fixin's.

One of my new favorites is the everything but the bagel seasoning. I use it in the coating for the chicken and I love the taste of those toasty sesame seeds.

This sandwich isn't loaded with a ton of toppings. It has a simple slaw with a generous amount of dressing to act as a mayo. Then there's the crispy fried chicken breast dipped in the sweet spicy honey sriracha sauce and another favorite of mine the pretzel bun.

This would make a great dinner for dad with fathers day right around the corner. Pair it with a potato salad and some crisp sweet watermelon.


Honey Sriracha chicken sandwich

Serves 4

Total time 40 minutes

For chicken

2 Large boneless skinless chicken breasts cut in half width wise

2 eggs

1/3 cup flour + 1/3 cup for dredging

1/3 cup corn meal

2 Tb everything seasoning

2 tsp garlic powder

4 pretzel buns

peanut oil or other high smoke point oil for frying

Chicken sauce

5 Tb butter

1/3 cup honey

1/4 srirachi

Slaw and dressing

1/2 head of green cabbage sliced thin

1/2 large or 1 med red bell pepper sliced thin

1 carrot shredded

1/3 cup good quality mayo

1/2 jalapeno seeded and cored

3 garlic cloves

2 green onions - whites and greens

1 Tb olive oil

1 Tb red wine vinegar

salt and pepper

In a blender or a small food processor blend mayo, jalapeno, garlic, green onions, olive oil, vinegar and a healthy dose of salt and pepper until smooth. set aside

In a medium bowl add cabbage, bell pepper and carrot, toss well with dressing and leave to meld flavors while preparing the chicken.

In a small saucepan over low heat add chicken sauce ingredients, stirring occasionally to combine and melt the honey. Just leave on low to keep warm.

Place both chicken breasts on your cutting board, lay the palm of your hand on the top of a breast and slice through the width carefully to make 2 breasts out of one.

In a dish large enough to dredge the chicken add 1/3 cup flour, in another dish combine the remaining flour, corn meal, garlic and everything seasoning mix well. Finally in one more dish combine 2 eggs and a pinch of salt and pepper and mix well.

Dip each breast one at a time into the flour, then egg and into the cornmeal mixture. Let sit for a couple minutes to let the coating adhere. Meanwhile add the oil to a heavy skillet to reach the depth of about 1/2 inch. Heat over med/high when a pinch of the coating floats and bubbles it's ready for the chicken.

Add breaded chicken and cook turning a couple times, you want the outside to be nicely deep golden. (remember there are black sesame seeds in the everything seasoning, don't be alarmed that your chicken is burning)

The breasts are thin they should take between 10-12 minutes to cook through.

Split the pretzel buns in half, toast if you like or leave as is. Dip a piece of chicken in the sauce to coat well and place on bottom of bun. Top with a good scoop of slaw and the top bun.

Serve with any extra sauce for dipping.


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