How are you doing?

Just wanted to check in, say HI, and see how ya'll are doing.

What have you been cooking up?

What have you been reading or binge watching?

Have you taken up any new hobbies?

I've been cooking up a storm, although that's not abnormal, I do find my options haven't been as figure

I'm all about the carbs and the cheese, and the nuts and popcorn, not super into the sweets, but I've even worked those in!! Cooking relaxes me, it takes me back to days with my grandma.

Needless to say that means a lot of cooking, but I share, I've taken great pleasure in doing porch drops for friends. It's true doing something for someone else always makes you feel better!

I've spent lots of time in the yard with the pups, working on a few projects....well, I work and they do their best to distract me!

I've also done some reading, something I love to do, but don't do often enough.

These are the things that have kept me semi sane.

A lot has changed in the last couple months. I was preparing for another girls around the bar, working on a possible sponsorship and keeping my table and kitchen full of friends and family, and of course food!

I find myself daydreaming of the later often. I've always been a homebody by choice, so being at home really isn't a problem for me, but I'm now fully aware of how very much I love the social interaction.

I'm pretty sure when I can have a house full again, I'm going to be so excited, I'll behave like my dogs when they see me after stepping out for five minutes to put the garbage out!

Joking aside, both of my parents had the virus. They have both recovered, my mom fully, my dad is still getting there. They were so lucky, they were able to ride it out at home, but were very sick.

I've never felt so helpless, to not be able to fly to them, to help them, to take care of them. I got them groceries delivered, and face timed twice a day, but that physical contact when loved ones are in need is so paramount.

We were lucky, yet I know so many others have not been. I am unbelievably grateful.

When I look at how much has changed so quickly, I wonder how long it will take to really digest it all. Right now so many are just trying to survive, to teach their children, to maintain peace at home, and keep a roof over head and food on the table.

Now that things are starting to open, and our lives may begin to find a modicum of normality, I wonder how things will change forever.

I find myself smiling when I see posts of families playing cards, playing games, doing puzzles, riding bikes, watching movies and cooking as a whole...together.

I see kids getting creative with projects. In my neighborhood I've seen a lot of sidewalk chalk art, and I love it!

Don't get me wrong I think there's a place for electronics, and all the million sports and afterschool activities......BUT wouldn't it be great to see some of these things stick around?

To live a little simpler, to be in the moment, to value the time and the people and less of the things.

I know families that are normally so busy they rarely sit down to a meal together, they've dined as a family now for the last 2 months and the kids are loving it.

I'm seeing neighbors checking in on each other, offering to pick up groceries, or just making sure they're ok mentally and physically. My friends and I have done porch drops and food bartering,

I have to admit I love both, and emphatically vote to keep them going after social distancing!

In no way do I want to simplify or minimize the gravity of this crisis, but the silver lining is the humanity that comes from such things.

I hope when life returns to normal or our new normal, we don't let those things fade.

Call me old fashioned, a romantic, whatever it is, I'm ok with it! Life is a journey and its not the destination that is the win, its all those simple little moments that build relationships, values, and family.

Those are worth keeping.

Wishing every single one of you, good health both physically and emotionally, strength, courage and a village of friends and family to navigate the coming weeks and months into our new normal.

Thank You for following, for trying my recipes and sharing them with your friends.

Every time you cook something or leave a mention on my feed it just makes my heart smile!

Stay safe, and keep cooking!

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