Pizza Mac and Cheese

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

This is always a favorite with both kids and adults. I mean really, who wouldn't love a combo of pizza ingredients with pasta and cheese!

This recipe is just a starting point, use the ingredients that are your favorite pizza toppings to make it your own. This version is more of a meat lovers combo, but you could do all veggies, or caramelized onions, prosciutto and thyme, sauteed mushrooms and gruyere, shredded BBQ chicken and cheddar, the sky is really the limit!

You could easily assemble this the night before and bake it off when you get home from your day.

Pizza Mac and Cheese

Serves 6-8

Time including bake time 60 minutes

1 LB macaroni cooked al dente per package instructions

3/4 LB Italian sausage (spicy or mild whatever you like best)

1 container Smokey Jalapeno Alouette cheese (you could also use the garlic and herb if you prefer)

1 red bell pepper diced

1 med/large onion diced

6-8 slices of thick cut bacon chopped and cooked crisp

1/2 cup pepperoni slices cut in half

2 16 Oz jars of your favorite spaghetti sauce

1 TB Italian seasoning

2 1/2 cups Mozzarella cheese grated

1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese

Pre heat oven to 350

Spray a 3 Qt baking dish with olive oil spray

In a skillet over med/high heat start cooking sausage and breaking it up in the pan. Add in bell pepper, garlic and onion, and continue cooking until the sausage is cooked through.

In a large bowl combine this mixture with your cooked pasta, pasta sauce, and pepperoni.

Layer 1/2 of this mixture in your baking dish and top with 1/2 of the Alouette cheese by dolloping on, sprinkle 1/2 the bacon, and 1 cup of mozzarella.

Repeat this process one more time.

Bake uncovered for 30 minutes, remove from oven and top with remaining 1/2 cup mozzarella and parmesan, return to the oven for an additional 10 minutes, until golden and bubbly.

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