Organic Farmers Market

Specialty Foods

I love cooking so some of my favorite places to get things are listed here.


Freeport Bakery - this is locally owned and everything melts in your mouth!

If chocolate is your thing, don't miss the chocolate blackout cake you won't be sorry. If chocolate isn't your go to the fruit tart is spectacular as well as the lemon cooler cake. The almond horns are the best in town in my humble The sun and moon cookies require a shout out too.

Ettore's Bakery - Beautiful and tasty cakes for all occasions. Breakfast pastries are some of my favorites...cinnamon rolls are so gooey good, apricot scones are perfect...never dry and not overly sweet, my hubby loves the chocolate orange. lots of muffin and Danish choices to round it all out.

Specialty Grocery

Corti Brothers - This is a Sacramento landmark and for good reason.

When you step into this Italian market you feel as though you've gone back to a different era, in the best way! 

The meat counter is still full service and well stocked. The deli counter has far more options than most, many imported cheeses and meats not found other places. If you like raviolis get the corti ravs in the freezer time to make sauce, theirs is great! 

Nugget Market - I wish they'd put one closer to me, but its worth the short drive. You know I love to cook, but everyone could use a break or a little help,this is the place for that. The prepared foods are delish and I'm not really a fan of prepared foods. The bakery produces some amazing breads and a bread cheese stick I could eat by the The produce department is bountiful, they have packaged meat as well as a butcher area. This is a full market so you can get cleaning supplies, non specialty items basically everything on your list. 

Sunh Fish - Fish so fresh you can use it for sushi. Live crabs when they are in season. You can also get fresh grated wasabi here and if you like wasabi this is addicting! 

Sacramento natural foods co-op - This is a little wonderland of beautiful produce, meats, cheeses, wines and so much more.